Lab Machinist Solutions serves a diverse array of client needs, from machining services to complex design to scientific consulting.  Here are a few examples of clients and their reactions:


Academic Research - Manthiram Lab, MIT

Our lab has benefited tremendously from working with a machinist who is also an extremely talented scientist. The fact that Ryan understands the nuances of our experiments, down to the details of the chemistry, has been enabling for designing new apparatus for our laboratory. Ryan understands the fast pace of academic research and has quick turnaround times. He has also always been willing to meet us to discuss designs in person so that we can work as efficiently as possible.

- Professor Karthish Manthiram, Department of Chemical Engineering, MIT


Biotech R&D - NovoBiotic Pharmaceuticals

Since 2013, Lab Machinist Solutions has helped NovoBiotic to design innovative new culturing devices, and has improved our pipeline for isolating and screening microorganisms by designing and fabricating specialty tools that are in use across our biology and chemistry operations.  This includes everything from custom adapters and hand tools to the design for our newest injection-molded iChip culturing device.  We use Dr. Spoering as an extension of our team.  He comes to our labs frequently, and takes the time to learn and understand our goals and the underlying science, as well as the constraints of a small company.  He uses CAD, machining, and 3D printing to come up with elegant, non-obvious solutions to extend the capability of our lab personnel, equipment and instruments.  He has also been a valuable resource for general lab support such as equipment repair and sourcing of services from other vendors. 

- Dallas Hughes, Ph.D., CEO