We can take your idea from concept to production.  In our own shop we can provide:

  • Machining of everything from PTFE to aluminum to titanium or hardened tool steel.
  • CNC milling, turning and grinding.  Sheet metal fabrication.
  • TIG welding including sanitary and vacuum applications.
  • FDM 3d-printing in ABS and Nylon.

Our partner shops can provide countless other services, including high-quantity machining, water jet and laser cutting, injection molding, coatings/platings or any other process.


We develop new ideas into custom tools and apparatus with:

  • State of the art CAD and simulation tools 
  • Broad expertise with materials and manufacturing methods
  • Design for simplicity and manufacturability
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We contribute unique value to your projects with:

  • Love of science and a can-do approach to every problem
  • Broad knowledge of research methods, tools and instrumentation
  • An experienced eye toward customization and optimization of lab processes